Who am I?

About martin

Who Is Martin?

Martin Hammega is a real estate agent in Groningen. Once started in the rental business and after 4 years of only renting and advising, he started at a small family business in Haren. There he started as a purchasing agent and started his studies. Then he went to Groningen to work for the next family business as a purchase broker and sales broker while he completed his education. In 2008 he started his own company. Since November 2016, however, a change of course has been chosen and the name AnderZ Makelaar Groningen was created. Martin owns this and with his team of highly qualified employees they do whatever it takes to take away your concerns.

Martin Hammega - Makelaar en eigenaar bij Anderz makelaar Groningen

Martin the buying broker

Many know Martin Hammega as a purchasing agent. This is logical, as the national share of purchasing assistance in the turnover of an estate agent’s office is about 12% (source: NVM). In Groningen it is about 22%, but AnderZ has about 45% turnover as a purchasing agent. That says a lot, very much. As purchasing agents they are active in the housing market on a daily basis and therefore know exactly what a buyer expects. This is of great benefit to them during the sales process.

Expat Groningen (part of Anderz Real Estate) is the buying agent for expats. The rules in the Netherlands are often unfamiliar and different in their own country. In many cases the language is also a barrier. Anderz is a specialist and helps them to feel at home.

The number of (returning) international clients is growing and for 22 years they have been helping expats from all over the world to find a home. They build on an 85% return rate and the word of mouth of satisfied customers.

‘This year we even received a set of keys from Malaysia, from a former client in 2006, to now sell his house in the Netherlands for him. Big compliment!’


About Us

Why we are different

Expat Groningen is part of Anderz makelaar Groningen.
Anderz is misspelled for wordplay. The right word is “anders” which means different.
We like to look at things from another perspective. That is we can also look at houses from an international point of view. Your view.

Expat Groningen is a people-centric organization. We base all our action on verifyable arguments. So you can perceive we are right. Our work feels personal. We make contacts for life. Instead of a number, a file, a transaction for this month, we like to see you as a connection, a person and maybe also a future invite.

We are not known for our marketing. Why?
We have the privileged position that many people are directed to us by their friends, family and co-workers.