Expat Groningen your road to a new home.

The Estate Agency has been in practice for over 25 years and is a small family business with a proactive attitude and a welcoming approach. Martin is the owner and with his team of highly motivated co-workers they will do everything to take care for you.

Need assistance finding your new home or do you have to leave Groningen and need a reliable partner to market your home ?


1. Expat Groningen: 25 years of experience on the Groningen housing market.

2. Expat Groningen: over 21 years of experience on internationals and expats.

3. Expat Groningen offers multiple disciplines [buy, sell, rent, let, estimate].

4. Expat Groningen has easy communication and access to resources.

5. Expat Groningen puts your interests above all else.

About Us

Expat Groningen is the leading expat broker in Groningen.

Expat Groningen (by Anderz Makelaar) is the leading real estate agent for expats. MMCEPI certified, so 100% ethical practice !

The regulations in the Netherlands are often unknown and different in your own country. And the language is often a barrier. Anderz makelaar is a specialist and helps to make you feel at home. The number of (returning) international clients is growing and for 22 years they have been helping expats from all over the world to find a home. We build on an 85% return rate and the word of mouth of satisfied customers.

‘We even got sent a set of keys from Malaysia, from a former client in 2006, to market his house in the Netherlands for him. Big compliment!’

Expat Groningen is connected to the International Welcome Centre North (IWCN) where you can apply for a tax number and lots more. Amongst others we are a trusted servicepartner of Expat Mortgages who can help calculate possibilities and arrange your mortgage.

People fascinate me. Behaviour fascinates me. How people come to a decision fascinates me. And I love to help people. Also, I have always been intrigued by certain constructions and by the details. For me, this all blends together in real estate. It is certainly not just about the location and it is certainly more than selling a pile of bricks.
It is personal; we connect people.


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