Expat Groningen

About Martin and Quwendy

About Expat Groningen

Expat Groningen exists since 2008 and Martin has been active in the housing market in Groningen for over 25 years. It is a small specialized office with integrity, a sympathetic attitude and a hands on mentality. Expat Groningen is a special expert division of Anderz Makelaar Groningen.

Martin is on the move daily as a buying agent, selling agent, expat expert and for valuations. Quwendy is the first contact in the office. She mainly deals with communication, paperwork, presentation, processes and planning. Our collaboration creates a warm ethos within the company and we believe that this contributes to the positive customer journey of our clients.

“Easy going; it feels confident, clear & competent”, according to (former) clients.

We have strong partnerships with a Expat Mortgage Advisor, a property manager, a rental specialist, an investment specialist and so on…

About Us

Why we are different and unique

Expat Groningen is part of Anderz makelaar Groningen. Anderz is misspelled for wordplay. The right word is “anders” which means different.
We like to look at things from another perspective. That is we can also look at houses from an international point of view. Your view.

Expat Groningen is a people-centred organization. We base all our action on verifyable arguments. So you can trust us and check whether we are right. Our work feels personal. We make contacts for life. Instead of a number, a file, a transaction for this month, we like to see you as a connection, a person and preferably a future client.