Sell real estate

Real estate agent in Groningen

Do you want to sell your house? Then we can help you with that as a sales agent. There is a lot involved in selling a house, perhaps more than you might think. That’s why we like to give you the right support. In this way we make selling your house as pleasant as possible.

Selling a house means much more than putting up a for sale sign in the garden. As a sales agent, we know very well what is involved in the sales process. Our goal is to unburden you as a client as much as possible and to support you in the right way so that the sale of your house goes smoothly.

Valuation by a sales agent

Of course it is important for you to receive the right price for your home. In fact, even before you decide to sell your home, it is important to know what a realistic price will be. As a sales agent in Groningen, we can make a free valuation for you. At an appraisal we look at your home and give you a realistic sales price in the current market. It is useful that we are well informed about the local housing market.

The more information we have, the more realistic the estimate will be. Based on the valuation or an appraisal, we as a sales agent set the selling price of your home. After that, the real sales process can begin!

Selling your home with a sales agent

Because we have been active for years as a sales agent in Groningen and surroundings, we know exactly through which channels we can sell your home. This is important, because it ensures that we reach the right target group for your house. With the right tools we ensure that this target group really knows how to find your house.

For example, as a sales agent in Groningen and the surrounding area, we have a search database. These are people who are looking for a home. They can easily find the homes we sell in our database. By adding your house and filling in the right characteristics, interested parties will be able to find your house easily. For you as a customer this is a pleasant solution, because the sales process will be shortly.

As a sales agent, we not only take care of reaching the right target group. We can also schedule appointments with potential buyers and organize viewing days. We can also take care of the completion of the sale. This way we want to take care of everything during the entire sales process!

Negotiating as a sales agent

Because we have been selling homes in Groningen for a long time, we also have a lot of contact with other real estate agencies. Through our large network, we quickly find many potential buyers for your home. And when we have found potential buyers who want to buy your home, we can also negotiate for you. So we really make sure that you get the best price for your home!

Do you want to sell your house in Groningen and surroundings? We are happy to help you. Even if you have any questions first, we will gladly give you answers. You can easily contact us in a way you prefer. You can call us, send us an e-mail or fill out the contact form on the website.