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Mortgage advice for Groningen

You’ve got your eye on a house. Maybe it’s your first home or your next move. Understandably, you would like to know if the house is financially feasible and fits within your budget. For this important decision, we recommend that you seek the expertise of a professional mortgage broker.

What can our mortgage advisor do for you?

Our expert mortgage advisor will work with you to explore your financial options. We begin by identifying your income, any debts and obligations, as this is important in determining your maximum mortgage. Often there are more possibilities than you think, also for flex workers. So get information at no cost. Then we will look for the mortgage that best suits your situation. Different banks apply different conditions and interest rates. Our mortgage advisor will search and compare until we have found the mortgage that suits you perfectly. We also take into account the future. This ensures that you can continue to live in the house even if you retire, become unemployed, become disabled, or one of you dies. Once we’ve found the right mortgage, our mortgage advisor will take care of all the paperwork from A to Z, so you can start thinking about furnishing your new home.

What should you bring to the first free, no-obligation consultation?

During the first appointment, we will need the documents below. Therefore, we ask you to bring these with you.

– A valid proof of identity (ID card or passport)
– A recent salary slip
– DigiD login details

During the appointment, together we will see what additional documents may be required.

What are the costs of our mortgage advisor?

Our mortgage advisor charges an all-in rate that depends on your specific situation. This rate varies between €2,450 and €3,450. And good to know, these costs are tax deductible, which means you can get a portion of these costs back on your tax return. 

But I have already talked to my own bank or another advisor. 

That’s not a problem! What you may not know is that our mortgage advisor is not limited to the major banks, but also works with other lenders. This can often result in lower costs and better terms for you.

Why choose OUR expat mortgage advisor?

– The first meeting with our advisor is always free and without obligation.
– You decide where and how you want the appointment to take place: at your home, online, by phone or at our office.
– You get personal and direct contact with the advisor, so no call centers or asking the same question over and over again.

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