We offer a variety of services to our clients and we have a large network of people we are partnering with. So we can certainly help you with all you may encounter in the housing process. Also, we provide sub-services or you can switch off certain elements that you would like to do yourself and save money as well.

You cannot find your question in the overview? Do not hesitate to contact us, because our services will never be limited to a list…



In this hectic housing market it is essential to outsmart the masses. We have the knowledge & experience of over 25 years, the network, reputation, skills, honest approach and charisma ; ) to make you excel…


We provide back-up where you need it! In short, you can leave everything to us or you can (partly) do the house sale yourself – but still with professional support – for that little bit of extra confidents. Just that….


Relocation means so much more than just finding housing. It involves the entire process from home to the new living environment. To make this process as smoothly as possible, we have several …


The price of an appraisal varies. A standard appraisal costs € 795,- including VAT and a special appraisal, or an appraisal for a house larger than 200m2 is € 895,- With a special appraisal we mean …


Would you like a free valuation of your home?

We are happy to help. During a valuation we view your house and estimate the realistic sales price in the current market. 


Depending on where you are from, getting a mortgage in the Netherlands may be more or less complicated than you are used to. Most expats feel slightly overwhelmed by the…


We help expats who or moving to a new house to set-up the utilities free of charge. We saving you time and money by finding the best deals for energy, internet, tv, water, mobile and even insurances. We offer a …


What should you think about if you want to make your home more sustainable and save energy? What energy-saving measures are available? How much can you save?