Property Appraisal Report

Appraisal report (taxatie)

At Anderz Broker Groningen, we understand that obtaining a favorable valuation of your property is essential to your mortgage application when you have purchased a home. We can help you provide a comprehensive appraisal report to that meets the highest standards and independence.

What is an appraisal report (NWWI)?

An appraisal report is a detailed report that establishes the value of your home by a certified and licensed appraiser. This report can be critical in various situations such as mortgage applications, sales decisions, and inheritance tax returns.

What Does An Appraisal Report Cost?

The price of an appraisal varies. At Anderz Realtor, we don’t make it difficult. A standard appraisal costs €795, including VAT, and a special appraisal, or an appraisal for a home larger than 200m2 is €895. By a special appraisal we mean an appraisal with a value before and after renovation, an appraisal of a home that is yet to be built, or if there are special circumstances.

Difference Between an Appraisal Report and Valuation

An appraisal report is an official document prepared by a certified appraiser and has legal value. It is required in mortgage applications and other official transactions. Conversely, a valuation is an estimate of the value of your home, often used for informal purposes such as gaining an understanding of its potential sale value.

At Anderz Broker Groningen, we make sure you get the right type of valuation service based on your specific needs.

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