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Buying a house in Groningen

Buying a house in Groningen can be a tricky venture. So make sure you can buy stress free and connect to our realtor to assist in good spirits towards the buying of your new home! Are you looking for your dream home in Groningen? You can find it with our help! Thanks to our years of experience as a purchasing agent in Groningen, we can assist you properly. And because of our ‘no cure, no pay’ policy you only pay when the deal is completely done.

Anderz Makelaar/ Expat Groningen has been a real estate agent in Groningen for twenty five years of which, for at least 22 years, the expat flow has been leading. We know like no other what expats are up against and we have the proper channels to assist them from start to finish. We have many connections in the housing market, which means we are well informed about local developments and know everything about local building and environmental regulations. As a result, we can be of great assistance to you as an estate agent in Groningen in purchasing your dream home.

Buying your dream home with an estate agent

We know, for example, where new homes are being built in Groningen and the surrounding area, which may include your dream home. Or that there are plans for a distribution center near a house you want to buy, which may make it less interesting. We can search within our own sales database or we can search for your dream house specifically on the basis of your wishes.

There is a lot involved in the purchase of a house. Perhaps more than you would initially think. As a purchasing agent, we can provide you with excellent support. Thanks to our guidance, you can be sure that you’re not buying a house you’ll regret later. As we are also a selling estate agent, we see it as our task to unburden you and make the purchase of a house as fun and easy as possible.

Viewing a house with a buying agent in Groningen

Perhaps you’ve already seen your dream house in Groningen or the surrounding area? We can accompany you as an agent to view it. We can point out any structural defects, so that you know what you are buying. If we suspect that there are hidden defects, we can call in experts. This way you can save a lot of unforeseen costs.

Because of our experience as a real estate agent, in some cases we advise against buying the house. Do you want to buy it anyway? Of course you do, it’s up to you! Don’t you want to? Then we will gladly look further with you. Until you really have found your dream home. We are only satisfied when you are!

Negotiating the price as an agent

If, after a visit, you are certain that you have found your dream home, we can help you negotiate the price. We look at the house objectively and through our years of experience as an estate agent, we can make a good estimate. That is an estimate of the value of the house. A good starting point for negotiations.

We want to ensure that you can buy your dream home for the best possible price. Because of our experience we know exactly how to negotiate. After the negotiation we can also give mortgage advice. We can also give advice on subsidies, so we can assist you financially. So you can come to us for the whole buying process.

Do you want to buy a house and are you looking for a buying agent in Groningen? Do you still have questions or do you want more information about AnderZ Makelaar? Then feel free to contact us! You can contact us by calling 050 – 204 12 92, emailing or filling out the contact form. Would you rather use the app? You can do so by calling the same number. Of course, you can always drop by our real estate office in Groningen. Buying a house in Groningen? We will look at which homes we have in our own database or we will search specifically for you !