Why choose us

Expat Groningen is the best expat realtor for you

Anderz Makelaar is the best real estate agent for people on the housing market in Groningen who are open to cooperation, good advice, the occasional joke and also a bit of ‘counteraction’. We are not there to say what you want to hear, but to realize the very best for you.

Who we are

Engaged, comprehensive and completely honest. Anders broker is above all a people-oriented organization. We base all actions on verifiable arguments making everything recognizable and insightful. Martin is involved with his customers, he is focused and efficient and therefore not only a connection is quickly made, also the customers like his thoroughness and directness. The threshold is low and the communication lines are short. We will stand with the client, we do this together. After all, it's not just about houses; it's about teamwork, trust and emotion.

What we feel is important

The good relationship with to people is our main goal.
We love it when someone knocks on our door who has been referred to our office by a friend, parent, colleague or family member. Or former clients who invariably return to us during changes in their lives.
That is the biggest compliment and that is our real profit.

What makes us unique

We don't see ourselves as the conventional real estate agent. We see and do things a little differently.
Besides, every person is unique and every house is different.

We go the extra mile in our advice and explanation as well as in spotting and creating opportunities.
And we keep moving with today's developments and wishes.

We offer customization. We put you first. We listen to your wishes, we think along and adapt.

Expat Groningen aims for that smile; for fulfillment and success.
We believe that with our commitment, mentality and competence we can guarantee satisfaction. Of course, we do not completely control the market but we are confident about our service and quality.

Anderz Realtor is there for you (often even into the evening hours) and always has a solution or reassuring answers.

The majority of our clients is expat.
We speak the language. We have customized our information and procedures to this (grateful) target group. We are the leading expertise expat broker in Groningen. Our network is extensive and that is also an advantage for sellers