Benefits of a buying agent

It can be a complicated process to purchase a home in Groningen. 

We can help you navigate the marketplace. We make sure you get in touch with all the trusted partners needed during the process. We know the local customs and rules. As a certified broker, we are insured for professional and business liability and adhere to the high standard guidelines of our industry association. We assume part of the legal duty of investigation. 

Martin is MMCEPI certified, which is European proof that he adheres to the high ethical standards as a registered professional. We are trained in structural engineering and are familiar with the structural weaknesses in Groningen and the possible solutions or subsidies such as earthquake damage. We have access to a municipal data system to look up detailed information and data about the property, the neighborhood and details of recently sold comparable properties. We negotiate the price for you, oversee the technical inspection and assist you with the “translation” of the legal language into the deed of sale.

What is the use of a buying agent?

A broker is at your service.

Your purchase broker acts first and only on your behalf and thus looks after your interests. The real estate agent ensures that in the future you will be “at home” warm and happy with the choices you have made. We feel it is important to know from you what your expectations are and what is needed for you to go through this process feeling good. We communicate with you in a group app together with the broker and the office. This way the lines are short and the state of affairs and explanations are immediately clear to everyone in the process.

Big decision

We understand the magnitude of the decisions that have to be made. Anderz Makelaar stands beside you, giving you that extra bit of confidence and peace of mind. It’s not about “a house,” it’s about your new HOME. That is a feeling. We understand that very well but also look that little bit further. We remain open-minded, looking through “the outside,” but are constructionally, legally and financially critical. Ook kijken wij naar de prijs op verschillende manieren namelijk: taxatiewaarde – verwachte verkoopwaarde (marktwaarde) – emotioneel geld. In short, we put the nuance where it belongs. We make sure every time that you know exactly what you are thinking about and what the trade-offs are.


We are knowledgeable about the local real estate market and know all about local building and environmental ordinances. We examine the VVE: is it healthy and active? What are the consequences? Has any remodeling, or renovation been done properly? What about permits? Are you allowed to rent out? Is er bevingsschade geweest, hoe is het opgelost, is er subsidie aangevraagd? Wat staat er in het bestemmingsplan? Is that view permanent? We look at the property price-wise, structurally and legally.

Smart negotiating

And then it comes down to sharp negotiating. In today’s housing market, it is essential to outsmart the masses. We argue every step of the way. So even the bids we make are calculated and well-considered. We fight when bidding to promote you as the best choice for seller and in addition we show how we arrive at our offer. A seller can only conclude that it is a well-founded number (and therefore less risk than with a “cowboy”) and that you are well guided. And what does a seller want most? No, not necessarily the highest bid, but the most favorable number with the most certainty.

Advantage reputation real estate agent

Last year a dozen clients switched to our office. They either came from another office or started the buying process without a buying agent. Sometimes the process took over a year. Heard complaints are: ‘it seems like I’m not taken seriously, ‘I keep having doubts’, ‘I keep missing out’, ‘I’m still swimming in the deep end’.

We do the AnderZ. Beforehand, but also during the process, we carefully discuss how we will proceed and we want to know a lot about you. As a result, the real estate agent, through his knowledge of the city, will immediately pick out all the cherry pieces (or rotten apples) for you. Because of our reputation, you will have preference during viewings (certainty that the client has been vetted). The broker will bid tactically to get ahead of the crowd. And most people succeed within a few weeks to a maximum of 3 months.

No hassle

Buying a home involves a lot. Lots of searching, lots of arranging and sometimes hassle. Planning appointments, viewings, checking the fair value, assessing the quality of the house, estimating risks, bidding, an architectural inspection, the sales agreement, the inspection and the road to the notary.
Do we do anything you can’t do yourself? Certainly not, but we do this 24/7, it is a profession and from the outside it looks easier than it is. You can give us “the hassle” so you can save time and money and just enjoy the tour to a new home completely without worry or uncertainty.

Thinking about buying a home? Let’s just meet (without obligation) to see if we can do anything for you as a buying agent.