Environmental Act 2024 Groningen

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Environment Act 2024 Groningen

The Environment Act will take effect on January 1, 2024. The Environment Act is a new national law that will also apply in Groningen. The Act brings together and simplifies 26 laws and various rules and procedures for spatial planning, construction, the environment and nature. The main goal is to make it easier for both citizens and governments to develop and implement plans relating to the living environment. The deadline for a building permit, for example, was 26 weeks. With the introduction of the new Environment Act, the aim is to give a decision on whether you need an environmental permit within 8 weeks.

So if you are going to rebuild, extend, or otherwise change something about your home, simply research now what steps you need to take.

Some important changes brought about by the Environment Act are:

Environment Plan:
  The municipality of Groningen has drafted a single environmental plan that lays down all rules for the physical environment. This plan will replace the current zoning plans, building regulations and environmental policies. [more info – click – only in Dutch]

Environmental vision: The municipality of Groningen has an environmental vision. This is an overview of the choices the municipality is making for the future.

Environmental permit: There will be one permit for building, demolition, environment, water and spatial planning. This will make applying for permits simpler and more transparent.

Participation: There will be more emphasis on citizen, business and stakeholder participation in spatial plans. So you may have more participation in local projects.

Digital information: All information about the physical environment is available digitally through the Omgevingsloket. This makes it easier for you as a citizen to find relevant information. Moreover, the municipality can oversee it better because there is now only 1 counter where all rules come together.

What does this mean for you as a home owner?

For you as a home owner, this most likely means that the process of applying for permits and finding information about building rules and zoning plans will be more streamlined. The rules and procedures will be integrated into one system. This is expected to provide a clearer and more convenient process for you. The rules and procedures will be integrated into one system. This is expected to provide a clearer and more convenient process for you. Should you eventually want to sell your home in Groningen, it is essential that you can prove that a dormer or shed, for example, is legal.

If you have plans to change or build something on your home, it may be advisable to educate yourself about the Environment Act. And to investigate how this legislation may affect the procedures you need to follow. Also, you could have more opportunities to contribute to local decision-making about the environment in which you live.

For specific questions related to a project or change you want to implement, you should always contact the Municipality of Groningen.